Rules, Regulations and Class Information


• Expert Men, Expert Women, Veteran Expert Men (age 40+), Single Speed, Sport Men, Sport Women, Masters Women 40+,  Masters Sport Men 45+, Masters Sport Men 55+, Beginner Men, Beginner Women, Juniors (age 14 and under) High School (age 15 -18), Fat Bike, Clydesdale (200lbs +), Youth (10 and Under) and Unicycle.

• Unless otherwise specified on a specific registration page, you may only enter one class per event.

EXAMPLE = If you are a 46 year old Expert level man riding a singlespeed bike, you may enter either Expert, Vet Expert, Masters 45+, or Single Speed, NOT all of them!

• It is the racer’s responsibility to register for the correct class.


• All racers must LEGIBLY complete and sign a Standard Athlete’s Release / Entry Form each race day

at race registration.

• Minors MUST also have a parent or legal guardian sign their Standard Athlete’s Release / Entry Form

each day at race registration. Guardians must be present at the race.


Race fees fluctuate based on the race. Please refer to specific bike reg page to learn more.

NO Day of Registration for 2020 


• Please see individual race registration pages for registration and race times.


It is the racer’s responsibility to be at the Start Line on time.


• Lap Cards will be posted at the Finish Line showing the number of laps to go for the leading riders for Cyclocross/short track style races.

• Lapped riders will not be required to complete the entire course. They will be finished on the same lap

as the lead riders and be assigned a time and finishing place in the results as “one lap down”.

• Riders are required to clear out of the finish line area after finishing. Please keep the finish line area

open for other finishers.

• DO NOT go through the finish line again after you have finished.


• The results will be posted at as soon as possible.

• The results are not considered official until they appear at

• Racers may view the daily race results after finishing by viewing them over the Finish Line Official’s

shoulder as long as they do not interfere with the Official’s duties and keep the finish line area clear.


• Cash awards will be given out to the top up to five in each class (depending on size of enrollment) as the riders finish.

• NOTE: Awards may be delayed a few minutes, as it often becomes hectic around the finish line. Please

remain in the finish area and listen for your name if you think you are in the money.


• Racers are REQUIRED to wear a helmet at all times while they are on their bike. This includes warm-

ups and cool-downs.

• Racers will be allowed outside help (replacement bike, assistance with repairs, etc.) while on the course.

We want you to finish.

• Any device using earplugs (ipods, MP3 players, cell phones, etc.) is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN! Use of

these items will result in an immediate disqualification.

• Any decisions of the Series Director, Board Directors, Race Promoter(s), Registration Staff, Marshal(s),

Race Official(s), Law Enforcement Officers and any other official Event Staff are FINAL and WITHOUT